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About W.A.R. Rifles

Delivering the highest quality custom rifle possible to our clients doesn't come easy. Constantly pushing the advancement of precision rifle building, we never settle. Working directly with you through the whole build process from beginning to the very smallest detail at the end is a signature of W.A.R. Rifles. We look forward to building your best rifle.

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Our Story

In 2006, Drew Walter—owner of W.A.R. Rifles—after receiving an Automotive Engineering Degree, owned his own automotive shop, Walt's Auto Repair. With his local automotive business thriving, his passion for guns and desire to shoot long-range rifles had been growing interest. Searching for a gunsmith to build a custom rifle proved tedious, not to mention time-consuming for the actual build, and the final product would not have been considered custom quality. Setting out on his own, coupled with college-level machinist courses and newly purchased machinist equipment, Drew crafted his skill and talent for building accurate precision rifles. Due to demand for his talent for building rifles for area friends and locals, within two years during the early part of 2008, Drew obtained his manufacturing license, and W.A.R Rifles was created. It would become his passion turned business.

Drew Walter—now the owner of two successful local businesses and with W.A.R Rifles celebrating its 10th year in business—has crafted and sold hundreds of precision rifles, both locally and throughout the U.S.

W.A.R. Rifles prides itself on crafting your rifle in a timely manner, one of the peeves Drew found early on when trying to purchase a rifle. Today, due to high demand, increase in PRS participants, and in an effort to stay ahead of manufacturing trends and turnaround times, W.A.R. Rifles has purchased a new HAAS TL1 CNC lathe. With the addition of the HAAS TL1, W.A.R. Rifles is looking forward to increasing quantity without sacrificing quality and providing the customer their precision rifle in a timely manner.W.A.R. Rifles uses only the best components when building your rifle. The bestselling action, WARLORD, is manufactured by Defiance Machine. The barrels are Hawk Hill Customs single-point cut rifled barrels. We always recommend X-treme Shooting Products CG Mod 22 triggers. W.A.R. Rifles will install your custom-barreled action into any chassis or bed it into any stock. Also, let them build your factory rifle into a custom tac driver.They were excited in 2018 to sponsor their first team. 

The team consisted of five seasoned shooters with varying backgrounds and skills. The team has recently been picked up by superior sponsors such as Defiance Machine, Nightforce Optics, Hawk Hill Barrels, Kestrel, Lapua and Berger Bullets, and our newest sponsor, McMillan Stocks. W.A.R. Rifles understands that without the partnership, time, and dedication of these quality sponsors supporting the team, they would not be able to achieve their level of success.

Passion is what built W.A.R. Rifles, and three years ago, Drew took his passion to competing in PRS. Along with himself, he recruited his 17-year-old Daughter, Morgan. Drew has always been an advocate for women in the sport, along with mentoring young shooters at the W.A.R Rifles shooting range.

For Drew, W.A.R Rifles, and the shooting team, PRS has proven to be more than a weekend shooting competition. While the competitions are always top-level, a real kinship has been established with the overwhelming support, camaraderie, and friendships that have been established through shooters and match staff of the precision rifle community. Drew and his team can usually be found after the match relaxing on the campground in his 40-foot Dutch Star RV. An open invitation to all for his "signature" campfire dinners—and first drink is on the house!