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Precision Rifle Barreling, Action Services, & More

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Threading, Chamber, Crowning

  • Only the finest barrels in the industry (e.g. Schneider, Krieger, Bartlein, and Brux) assure you of the highest level of accuracy.
  • The entire barrel fitting process is done on the same lathe setup, thus assuring that all aspects of the barrel are consistent.
  • All of our chambering is done true to the bore, so the bullet enters the rifling perfectly aligned and is the foundation of an accurate rifle.
  • Threads are machined to the highest standards ensuring a precise fit.
  • The barrel is finished by placing an indicator on the bore of the muzzle. Then a precision crown is cut. If desired, threading for suppressors or muzzle brakes can be done.

Action Services

Blueprinting and Truing

We prefer to employ builds that are made in accordance with those actions defined by Defiance Machine, but we will use any quality manufacturer if you prefer, such as Remington and Winchester.

Custom actions are almost "ready to use" because they are machined to the highest standards of proven high-quality manufacturers. Once they are checked out and confirmed true, the barrel work can begin.

Factory actions are another story. By design, they are mass-produced to a far lesser standard so they can be indicated true to the bolt center line in the lathe. At that point, the bolt abutments, the receiver threads, and the action face are cut perfectly square. Once completed, the bolt itself is confirmed square, and any corrections are made as needed. Only at this point can the bolt-locking lugs be lapped into the action for a flawless fit.

Stock & Bedding Work

Fitting, Pillar, Epoxy Bedding, Bottom Metal

Stocks are a very personal thing. As long as you select a quality manufacturer, we will use it in your build. A great option is those manufactured by Manners and McMillan. Recently, chassis systems have become popular. If you think you would like to use one, we can make several recommendations.

Bedding is the process where the stock is fitted into the action. Once the fitting is correct, the action is set in a bed of industrial steel epoxy. By doing this, the action is married to the stock in a stress-free manner, ensuring shot-to-shot consistency. We also install pillars as needed, depending on the application. The pillars allow the action to be properly torqued into the stock without crushing or compromising the stock's integrity. We take great pride in our bedding process. When completed, it appears as an integral part of the stock.

Metal Finishing

Custom Cerakote

Cerakote is the dominant finish in the industry at this time for good reason. It's incredibly tough and abrasion-resistant.

A ceramic polymer barrier finish is applied to your rifle and can stand up to anything Mother Nature can dish out. There are many color options, including single- or multiple-color combinations and some camouflage patterns.

Trigger Options

Custom Tuning, Aftermarket Installs

A good trigger is the difference between a good rifle and a great one. We can tune and adjust many of the factory triggers, or, oftentimes, you will be far better served with a replacement trigger from a reputable manufacturer such as Timney.